5.1 Channel Demo

Mean Town - Live - Red House

This track was recorded live with 5 discrete mics, one for each of the 5.1 channels in a home theater system. All the mics were Pressure Gradient large condenser type. Three cardioids in the front and two omnis in the back.

  • You need a high speed Internet connection to do this demo as the file is 72MB.
  • Right-Click on the files and select "Save Target As..."
  • Please download either the DTS or AC3(Dolby Digital) encoded WAVE file.
  • To listen to the demo on your home theater system, use any CD Burning application that makes Audio CDs (Nero, Easy CD Creator, CDRWin, etc.) and burn the WAVE file you downloaded to an Audio CD. Once you have the CD in hand, place it in a CD Player that has its digital out jack connected to either a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder (most 5.1 home theater receivers). The receiver will auto detect the encoding format of the data coming from the CD player and play the recording through all 5.1 of your speakers.


Dr. Larry La Moateffe :-)





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