What is La Moateffe you ask? What La Moateffe does is live digital multi-track recording. Live on-site gigs are 24 tracks and on-site studio setups go out to 200+ tracks but only 24 can be recorded simultaneously. We are also doing forensic audio engineering, DVD authoring, Event Soundtracks for Video, and arranging / recording for song writers.

The driving force behind La Moateffe is Jonathan Gourd, a recording engineer with over 20 years experience in live recording. BTW: not that it really matters, Jonathan has a degree in sound recording earned in 1979.


Be On Our Demo CD

Currently, La Moateffe is looking to expand the scope of the demo CD. During this period, you can request that recording be made at a substantial discount in exchange for granting La Moateffe full right to use any recorded tracks for promotional use.


Some Tunes

I have 10 samples I can share with you now, there will be more coming. 

  1. Oddfellows - (Live Recording - Multitrack from house submix outputs) Promises I Fail: Download
  2. Phil Kilger - (Live Recording - Multitrack from house submix outputs) I Could Have Been Courtney Love: Download
  3. Mean Town - (Live Recording) Hoochie Koochie Man: Download
  4. Mary Duquette - (on-site studio) Hurdy Gurdy Man: Download
  5. Cold Sweat - (live Recording - Room Mics) 30 Days: Download
  6. Mean Town - (Live Recording - Room Mics) Wind Cries Mary: Download 
  7. Mean Town - (Live Recording - Close Mics, Multitrack) If You Have To Know: Download
  8. Mean Town - (Live Recording - Close Mics, Multitrack) Mean Town Blues: Download 
  9. The Dennis McArthur Project - (on-site studio) Honkytonk Woman: Download
  10. 5.1 Channel DTS or AC3 (Live Recording) demo.



These are just 2 types of sessions that La Moateffe can be hired for recording: 

  1. Live gigs where the goal is to capture a raw performance and craft it into a Live CD or just a few choice tracks. Post gig
    overdubs can be done prior to mixing.
  2. On location studio setup where the gear is setup at the location of your choice and the recording is done like any other multi-track studio with full overdubs. 





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